Ed Hicks Banjo

Ed Hicks is a London based banjo player with fifteen years of experience performing, recording and teaching with the 5-string banjo.

Ed’s has played on gold selling and mercury nominated albums, composed award winning music for the Southpark series, toured the Uk and Europe extensively, played on The Voice three times and has taught hundreds of people the 5-string banjo.

Ed is a versatile musician and plays clawhammer and bluegrass banjo as well as plectrum jazz on the four string.  Ed also plays guitar, mandolin, ukulele, fiddle and sings.

Music highlights:


Ed has worked as a banjo teacher and folk music workshop leader for the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) for ten years and was a lead tutor on their Full English project.  He has trained in music workshop leading with Spitalfields Music, EFDSS, Music for Change, Musicleader, Sing Up, Folk Arts England, Platform for Arts and the Discover Centre.

In 2012 Ed set up the Trad Academy, a folk music school based in London designed to help anyone and everyone make music.  The Trad Academy has been a great success and is now set up as a community interest company and this year organised it’s first Folk Music Summer School for Kids!