Aaron Jonah Lewis and Ed Hicks

Aaron Jonah Lewis is a young fiddle player with credentials hard to beat.  He has won awards at the US’s most prestigious bluegrass festivals including first prize at the Galax Old Fiddlers Convention. His hauntingly powerful command of the fiddle takes you on a journey to his Virginia roots and the music that moved and continues to move generations.

Aaron and Ed toured the England, Scotland and Ireland in February 2011 and November and December 2011.  You can buy the album Taking Razzer to the Tinkers here.

Aaron Jonah Lewis and Ed Hicks perform “Brownskin Gal” on the Telly

Aaron Jonah Lewis, Ed Hicks and Ben Sommers perform “Shelvin’ Rock” in London

Aaron Jonah Lewis and Ed Hicks are joined by Ben Belcher on Guitar and Rosalind Mason flat foot dancing to play “The Arkansaw Traveller” in Edinburgh

Aaron Jonah Lewis and Ed Hicks perform “Buffalo Girls” in Neukolln, Berlin