Sleepy Ed Hicks

Jumping over the roof tops of London townSurreal and subversive Sleepy Ed Hicks is an itinerant banjo player for the 21st century…

Drawing deeply from his knowledge of songs and tradition, in this musical cabaret act Ed lovingly subverts the traditional into the modern age or strips a contemporary pop song back to imagined roots.

During a Sleepy Ed Hicks set the audience is taken on a Banjo World Tour proving that “the banjo is the most versatile instrument in existence”. Learn how Brian Wilson delivered the lost verses to the Beach Boys Californian Girls to Ed in a dream, hear a history of economics and Cider drinking in “The History of Crabappitalism”, visit the Far-East, the near East and the East-End and find out about the perils of drinking way too much coffee and some strange uses for Sainsbury’s Economy Margarine then wind it all up with some hard and fast appalachian dance music.

Sleepy Ed Hicks is available for performances at music venues, cabarets and festivals through out the country.

See The Sleepy Ed Hicks website for more…